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Merci d’avoir contacté Scully. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour vous répondre rapidement et précisément, et pour vous aider en vous fournissant des solutions qui répondent à votre demande et à vos besoins. Pour une assistance immédiate, veuillez nous contacter ou nous envoyer un e-mail en fonction de votre localisation.

Siège mondial

Scully Signal Company

70 Industrial Way

Wilmington, MA 01887


Téléphone : 617-692-8601

Fax : 617-692-8620


Scully UK

Meridian House Unit 33

37 Road One

Winsford Industrial Estate

Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3QG
Téléphone : +44 (0)1606 553805

Fax : +44 (0)1606 553824


Scully Europe

Maanstraat 25

2800 Malines


Téléphone : +32(0)15560070

Fax : +32(0)15550070



Scully Signal Is Here to Support You Through COVID-19

We’re Here for You

We want to assure you that Scully is here to produce the equipment and provide the services you depend on. As an integrated company with in-house manufacturing and technical support, we can respond immediately. Scully will remain a steadfast resource for you as we weather this crisis together.

We wish everyone stays safe and remains well. 

Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Scully USA

In North America, call 1-800-272-8559 for 24-hour 

Tech Support and Customer Service

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Scully Signal Is Fully Operational During the COVID-19 Crisis

Scully Signal provides direct supply chain support to the Energy, Transportation, Defense, and Critical Manufacturing sectors. We are open and fully operational, providing safety and delivery products and services to companies around the globe and people in the field.

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