Unifil® Tight Fill Delivery System Accessories

  • Spouts quickly attach to nozzle connector and allow for loose connections
  • Flush insert adaptors, cap, cover, and wrench are used for sidewalk or other flush fills and to hide the fill pipe
  • Hex driver is a tool used to install all standard adaptors and flush insert adaptors
  • O-Ring replacement package for nozzle connector
  • Only Scully offers a cap that allows for a special Oil Company Name ID Disc
  • Look for the Scully name for made-in-the-U.S.A. quality and reliability

  • Available in male and female threads
  • 45° adaptors are ideally suited where the fill pipe is close to the wall
  • Straight adaptors suitable when replacing a pipe plug for 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” fill pipes
  • Cap fits the top of all Scully straight and 45° adaptors and features a heavy-weight design
  • Nozzle connector is installed on the nozzle outlet and incorporates a special hex opening to match the hex on Scully’s all-weather caps

Insert Wrench

For installations where sunken fill box does not permit use of flush insert connector for tightening or loosening the flush insert cap

Part # Model # Size
 04360 UF-327


Hex Driver

One side is used to install all standard adaptors; the other side is used for installation of flush insert adaptors

Part # Model # Size
 04355 UF-309



This accessory quickly attaches to the Scully nozzle connector for troublesome fills or where a loose connection is desired

Part # Model # Size
04334 UF-54 Unifil®
 06302 NS 204 1-1/4″ x 8″
 06303 NS 276 1-1/2″ x 6.5″


Flush Box Cover

This vertical decorative cover mounts on the house siding to hide the fill pipe; louvers are built to provide venting and shelter from the rain

Part # Model # Size
04362 UF-339 1-1/2″


Flush Insert Adaptor

Used with sidewalk or other flush fills and designed to insert into existing fill box

Can be adapted to worn pipe threads by using one of three sizes-standard (S-coded blue), large (L-coded green), and extra-large (coded red)

Part # Model # Size
04303 UF-10S 2″ S-NY
 04301 UF-10L 2″ L-NY
 04304 UF-XL 2″ XL-NY


Flush Insert Connector and Wrench

Used only when making a tight connection to the Unifil® flush insert adaptor, then the nozzle connector is rapidly attached to the nozzle

The projections on the side act as a wrench to tighten or loosen the flush insert cap

Part # Model # Size
04358 UF-306


Flush Insert Cap

Designed for use with the flush insert adaptor and acts as an effective watershed; ideal for use where flush characteristics are important

Part # Model # Size
04317 UF-22 2″ NY


Cap Identification Discs

API color coded symbol styles for #2 fuel oil used for fill pipe identification; company name, and contact info

Installs easily on Scully all weather and flush fill caps

This is a special-order item with a minimum order quantity and printing set-up charges; contact Scully at 1-800-272-8559

Part # Model # Size
04343 Name/# 300 Pcs.
 10720 500 Pcs.
 10719 1000 Pcs.

Scully Signal