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Retail Fuel Delivery
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Electronic Terminal Systems
Scully's Electronic Terminal Systems provide Dynamic Self-Checking® overfill protection, as well as grounding verification for bottom loading terminals which load petroleum and liquid chemicals into tank trucks and rail tankcars. These systems are capable of controlling fills and eliminating spills of tanker trucks and tankcars outfitted with two- and five-wire sensors pioneered by Scully.

Electronic Tank Truck Systems
Scully's Electronic Tank Truck Systems provide Dynamic Self-Checking® overfill protection, as well as grounding verification for tank trucks and rail tank cars that carry/haul petroleum and liquid chemicals. IntelliCheck®2, an on-board overfill prevention and retained product monitoring system for tank trucks and refuelers, is the flagship of Scully's Electronic Truck Product line that features Dynacheck®, Scully's patented, automatic and continuous self-checking circuitry.

Electronic Storage Tank Systems
Scully's Electronic Storage Tank Faylsafe® Overfill Prevention and Liquid Level Control Systems provide Dynamic Self-Checking® monitoring of, and overfill alarms for, storage tanks. Scully Storage Tank Systems also provide for the capability of controlling pumps and valves for immediate and automatic shutdown of product flow.

Petroleum Product Delivery System
Over six decades, Scully has launched a whole series of fuel oil delivery products, including gauges, tight fill connectors, delivery nozzles, as well as engine speed, flow and overfill protection controls. Together these products reduce delivery time and cost plus eliminate spills.


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