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Scully Systems Limited,
UK & Ireland

Scully U.K. Ltd
Meridian House, Unit 33, 37 Road One Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire,

CW7 3QG U.K.
Tel:   +44 (0)1606 553805
Fax:  +44 (0)1606 553824


Scully Systems Limited, UK/Ireland ("Scully UK") was formed in 1984 to engineer for, as well as sell, service and support Scully products in the UK and Irish markets.

Scully UK is presently comprised of a team of dedicated engineers, as well as direct technical sales and servicemen. We have pioneered mechanical and electronic liquid level detection products that in large measure set and thus are synonymous with the current UK & Irish efficiency, and environmental safety standards for the loading, storage and transportation of petro-chemicals. Consequently, as throughout much of the rest of the world, the Scully name in the UK and Ireland is synonymous with the fail-safe loading of road and rail tankers, and self-checking overfill prevention systems. Our products have application to a wide range of industries where bulk fluids are stored and transported, i.e., aviation, brewing, chemical, food, military, pharmaceutical, rail loading and more.

Scully UK is able to offer timely order fulfillment and customer service because we have our own local stocking warehouse, as well as customer, sales and technical service personnel.

Scully Systems Limited, UK/Ireland product offerings include the latest in electronic overfill prevention equipment.

For a "fail-safe", "self-checking" system, we use the ultimate Scully Dynamic Self-TestŪ solution, to prevent overfills when loading petroleum and other hazardous liquids into tanks. Scully UK also offers the latest solution for downstream petro deliveries to retail sites via a vehicle mounted system for retail site overfill prevention.

Other Scully UK product offerings by product families include:

Storage Tank Equipment
Overfill Prevention Systems
Level Alarm Systems
Remote Tank Level Polling/ Wet Stock Management Systems

Electronic Loading Gantry/Terminal Equipment
Overfill Prevention Controllers Top and Bottom Loading with Interlocks
Portable Top Loading Overfill Probes
Ground Proving & Earthing Systems
Vehicle Identification Systems

Road Tanker/Electronic Tank Truck Equipment
Overfill Prevention Systems
Retained Product / Wet Leg Sensing Systems
Cross Loading Protection Systems

Retail Site Equipment
Road Tanker Controlled Overfill Prevention
Remote Monitoring and site Gauge Interrogation Systems

Petroleum Product Delivery Equipment
Fuel Oil Delivery Nozzles
Tank Overfill Prevention Systems
Fuel Tank Level Gauges