Universal Truck Tester

Tank truck overfill prevention system diagnostics


Universal Truck Tester Cable for Scully Connect® Sensor


Universal Truck Tester Cable for Scully Connect® Cap Assembly

  • Most advanced and comprehensive road tanker tester available
  • Checks the operation of road tanker overfill prevention and self-proving grounding/earthing systems
  • Complete diagnostics limit the expense of downtime

part# Description
08938 Scully Universal Tester
(Order appropriate plug and cable with tester; “D” size batteries not included)
 08926 PCAM, 10-pole Scully plug and cable
 08927 PCAM, 6-pole WOGA plug and cable
 08928 PCAM, 7-pole J560 optic
 08936 PCAM, 4-pole plug and cable

Power Supply: 8 “D” cell batteries
Battery Access: Remove 2 screws in front panel
Operating Temp Range: -13°F to +113°F
Maximum number of compartments: 8
Dimensions: 8″ x 6″ x 4″
Weight: 3.8 lbs
Approvals: None

Scully Signal