Scully Connect

Two-Wire & Five-Wire Quick Connect Overfill Prevention Sensors

  • Save Time – Cut installation time by more than 50% with pre-wired sensors, and quick sensor and cable connections
  • Minimize Downtime – Replace Scully Connect™ Sensors in minutes with no tools and no wire splicing
  • Reduce Costs – Scully Connect™ is engineered for rugged dependability. It will outperform other overfill prevention systems and keep your vehicles on the road.
  • Dependable Performance – It comes with corrosion-proof, marine-grade, connectors, easy sensor adjustment and enhanced vapor tightness. It has been field tested for over two years to ensure rugged dependability.
  • Increase Safety – Scully Connect™ incorporates Scully’s existing patented sensor technology and pre-wired connections; the system prevents sensor bypassing combined with the ability to lock the cap with an optional wire seal to prevent tampering.

The Scully Connect Sensor is an advanced tool-less overfill prevention sensor that allows for quick, easy, and error-free installation of your overfill prevention system. It will save you hours of installation time, prevent mis-wiring of the system, and allow for trouble-free connections. The patent-pending sensor and cabling system has been designed for reliable operation and maximum safety.

Scully Connect is a highly customizable system; we will help you each step of the way to set up your specific truck with the perfect kit. Contact us by calling (800) 272-8559 or email us at and we will get you set up and on the road in no time.

Ordering Guides

Use the appropriate ordering guide as a workbook to help select the correct kit to your specifications. One guide is for the tool-less cap sensor; the other is for a limited clearance cap sensor. If you would like help while completing this guide, please contact us at (800) 272-8559 or email us at

Once you’ve determined the kit components needed, contact your representative or distributor to complete your ordering process.

Scully ConnectTM System with Tool-less Cap Sensor, Kit & Cable Ordering Information

Scully ConnectTM System with Limited Clearance Cap Sensor, Kit & Cable Ordering Information

Examples of Scully Connect kits that have been ordered:

092000017KIT SC,ICHK3,2W,2-COMP 7″,W/GBLT
092000018KIT SC,ICHK3,2W,2-COMP 7″,W/GBLT&TIM
092000020KIT SC,ICHK3,2W,3-COMP 7″,W/GBLT&TIM
092000047KIT SC,ICHK3,2W,5-COMP 12″,W/GBLT
092000047KIT SC,ICHK3,2W,5-COMP 12″,W/GBLT
092000142KIT SC-H,ICHK3,2W,1-COMP 12″,W/GBLT
092000146KIT SC-H,ICHK3,2W,3-COMP 12″,W/GBLT
092000148KIT SC-H,ICHK3,2W,4-COMP 12″,W/GBLT
092000124KIT SC-H,ICHK3,2W,4-COMP 7″,W/GBLT&TIM



Operating Temperature Range:

-40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)

Petroleum Product Range:

Gasoline blends & light fuel oils

Exposed Materials:

Aluminum, borosilicate (Pyrex®) glass, epoxy, conductive nylon and Viton® seals

Level Repeatability:

±1⁄16” (±1 mm)

Detection Level & Size:

The detection level is adjustable; refer to sensor outline drawing, shown for 7” shaft length


The sensor is intrinsically safe for mounting in Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D Hazardous location in accordance with Scully Control Unit approval ratings.


Scully Announces Its Customer Portal

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Overflow Protection and Grounding Technology Manufacturer, Scully Signal Co, Exhibits at Annual Trade Show Tailored for the Chemical Distribution Channel

Scully Signal Company will be attending ChemEdge, an annual conference and trade show held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the event Scully will display its product, the ST-47 Groundhog Static Ground Proving Control Unit, a self-proving grounding system for maximum safety in loading operations. In addition to its grounding systems, Scully will also exhibit top- and bottom-loading overfill prevention solutions. Visit Scully at booth 701 to learn about the company’s technologically advanced grounding and overfill protection solutions.

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