Sculflow® Ball-Valve Delivery Nozzle

The Most Popular Delivery Nozzle in the World

  • Original ball valve design and deadbolt locking handle
  • The leading choice for lightweight, high-volume deliveries
  • Reduced pressure drop allows for faster pumping speeds
  • No closing shock prolongs truck equipment life

  • Advanced ball bearing design allows for easy rotation at all operating pressures
  • Teflon high-recovery seal and shielded bearings for optimum field performance
  • Lightweight aluminum and zinc construction
  • Wide variety of liquid product uses

Part #Inlet StyleInlet ThreadOutletThreadPart #
 05062FEMALE1-1/4″Unifil® NozzleConnector05062
 05066FEMALE1-1/4″1-1/4″ FemaleNPT05066
 05070FEMALE1-1/4″1-1/2″ FemaleNPT05070
 05064FEMALE1-1/2″Unifil® NozzleConnector05064
 05068FEMALE1-1/2″1-1/4″ FemaleNPT05068
 05072FEMALE1-1/2″1-1/2″ FemaleNPT05072
 05100MALE1-1/4″Unifil® NozzleConnector05100
 05106MALE1-1/2″Unifil® NozzleConnector05106

All units listed have 3 P.S.I. anti-drip valves, call for 5 P.S.I. part numbers
All units listed include swivels
Note: 1-1/4″ nozzles fit 1-1/4″ hoses; 1-1/2″ nozzles fit 1-3/8″ hoses


Part #Description
 05815Tight Fill Hose Swivel, Female 1-1/4″ Inlet Pipe Size
 05816Tight Fill Hose Swivel, Female 1-1/2″ Inlet Pipe Size
 05865Tight Fill Hose Swivel, Male 1-1/4″ Inlet Pipe Size
 05868Tight Fill Hose Swivel, Male 1-1/2″ Inlet Pipe Size
05421Sight Glass
 04346Nozzle Connector
 04318O-Rings for Nozzle Connector (Qty.3)
 11502Anti-Drip Valve, 3 P.S.I. (Qty.5)
 11603Kit Handle & Latch Assembly (Qty.5)
 05416Nozzle Rebuild Kit
 11604Handle Upgrade Kit
 05415Seal Kit, no swivel parts- photo H
 05859Seal kit, to repair two swivels for Sculflow Nozzle


  • Aluminum body
  • Hard chrome plated brass ball valve
  • Teflon ball seat
  • Delrin ball follower
  • Aluminum and zinc swivel body
  • Teflon swivel seal
  • Viton seals

Options: Consult Scully for part numbers

  • 5 P.S.I. anti-drip valve
  • Without swivel
  • Sight glass on inlet
  • Special chemicals


Flow Rates

  • Used for deliveries up to 100 G.P.M. or 378 litres per minute

Scully Signal