Mark IV® Flow Switch Angle Check Valve

Automatic Flow Control

  • Pumping rate is controlled from the nozzle to permit high pumping speeds and delivery control
  • Check valve required by weights and measures
  • Flow control switch and check valve combined in one unit
  • Reduces hose pressure at idled speed and eliminates damaging surge and shock pressures
  • Prevents hose reel movement

  • Available with electric or air switch
  • Conversion kits are available

Part # Inlet Outlet Switch Model #
 06818 2″ Female 2″ Grooved Electric SM 1000
06817 2″ Female 2″ Grooved Air SM 1100

Replacement Parts

Part # Description Model #
 06870 Air loss protection valve SM 644
 06874 Shuttle valve SM 1053
 06830 Electric conversion kit*, standard SM 6830
 06831 Air conversion kit*, standard SM 6831
 11200 Air switch MK IV or MK V
 11525 Poppet assembly MK IV
 11506 Viton Seal replacement kit MK IV
 11507 Air switch replacement kit MK IV or MK V
 11508 Electric switch for MK IV flowswitch

1/4″ gauge port.

20 amp normally open electrical switch (not for gasoline use).

Less than 7 P.S.I. pressure drop at 100 G.P.M.

3 P.S.I. cracking pressure at zero flow.

Viton poppet seal.

Scully Signal