The most advanced terminal overfill prevention and ground verification system available.

  • The only control system that offers overfill prevention, static grounding, and vehicle identification all-in-one unit
  • The ultimate in terminal loading safety with a patented design that continuously monitors the relay contacts—for petroleum and chemical loading racks
  • Incorporates Dynacheck® Dynamic Self Checking® circuitry for overfill prevention, ensuring that every critical component is automatically and continuously checked for maximum loading safety
    • This includes the control unit, wiring, and sensor circuitry, and should a fault be detected, it signals a loading shutdown to prevent product from overfilling
  • Over 15 years of proven performance in the field—the number one choice worldwide

  • Automatic detection of two-wire optic/thermistor or five-wire optic vehicle sensors
  • Monitoring of up to 8 two-wire or 15 five-wire vehicle sensors
  • Complete visual diagnostic display of overfill sensor’s status as well as vehicle static grounding conditions; will not permit loading under any fault or wet sensor condition
  • A vehicle identification module is available, which reads the truck-mounted vehicle identification T.I.M.® module and important vehicle data. Loading can be prevented based on specific criteria, which the terminal determines such as insurance, certifications, and billing
  • Complete compatibility with Scully Intellicheck® and load-anywhere, on-board systems
  • Easy connection to vehicles with rugged high-impact Scully plug and cable units (order separately)

The ordering information below is for Intellitrol FM and FMC approved units. For International ATEX and SIL approved models see:

for UK Market

67274_Intellitrol Rev B_ATEX_UK.pdf

for Europe & Other Countries requiring ATEX approval:

67274_Intellitrol Rev B_ATEX_BE_SIL.pdf
67274_Intellitrol Rev B_ATEX_BE.pdf



Part Number** Model Number Description Approvals*
08908 IC-OG Intellitrol Overfill Prevention & Ground Verification FM/FMC
08909 IC-OGV Intellitrol Overfill, Ground Verification and V.I.P. FM & FMC

*Factory Mutual and Factory Mutual Canada Intrinsic Safety Approvals for Hazardous Environments. For more approval information see the Technical Specs tab for this product.

**For a diagnostic display panel in a language other than English, add – “S” for Spanish, “F” for French, “I” for Italian, “D” for Danish, or “G” for German.
For example: 08907S is for the Intellitrol unit with Spanish label.


Part Number Description
08939 Security Bypass Authorizer
09296 Scully Intelliview Windows-based software
08156 Sculcon SC-6A with green poly 2-pin plug and 30′ (9m) coiled cable
API two-wire optic/thermistor standard interface
08159 Sculcon SC-6W with blue poly 3-pin plug and 30′ (9m) coiled cable
API five-wire optic standard interface
21818 Poly Plug and Cable, green 6A-style, 2-pin with 30′ (9m) coiled cable
31092 Poly Plug and Cable, green 8A-style, 2-pin with 30′ (9m) coiled cable
21831 Poly Plug and Cable, blue 6W-style, 3-pin with 30′ (9m) coiled cable


Part Number Description
40268 Corrosion Inhibitor (one-year life)
 31340 O-Ring, Cover Seal
 08979OG Replacement Control Module: overfill and grounding, FM & CSA
 08979OGV Replacement Control Module: overfill, grounding, vehicle identification
 50005 Cover Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 25 mm long
 26372 Contact Fuse (F5, F8), 5A, hi-interrupt
 26904 Real Time Clock Backup Battery (FM & CSA models only)
 08980 Replacement Lens Assembly (w/6 mounting screws)
 08981 Replacement Display PCB Assembly (w/backing plate)
 08982 Display Cable Feed-Through Assembly
 50080 Lens Mounting Screw, 8-32 x 3/4 hex socket head cap screw
 54039 Cover Hinge Retaining Ring
 32085 Text Mask, (English), overfill and grounding options
 32086 Text Mask, (English), overfill, grounding, vehicle identification options

*For a diagnostic display panel in a language other than English, add – “S” for Spanish, “F” for French, “I” for Italian, “D” for Danish or “G” for German.
For example: 08907S is for the Intellitrol unit with Spanish label.

Temperature Range: Operating IC models: -40° to +140°F (-40° to +60°C) Storage -50° to +185°F (-45° to +85°C)
Power Requirements: 100 – 130 VAC (120 VAC setting) or 200 – 250 VAC (240 VAC setting) 50/60 Hz, 30 watts maximum
Enclosure: Explosion-proof, weathertight housing with powder-coated, corrosion-resistant finish. Weathertight rating: Type 4X and IP 65.
Approvals: IC models: FM and FMC approvals for use in Class I, Division 1, Group C and D hazardous locations, Type 4X.
Dimensions: Refer to diagram on Intellitrol FM data sheet #67247
Sensor Inputs: Up to 8 Scully two-wire optic/thermistor sensors (6 or 8 channels) or 15 five-wire optic sensors (maximum). Automatic detection of two-wire vs. five-wire sensors. Three-wire, high-temperature thermistor sensors are not supported.
Ground Verification Inputs: When configured for ground bolt detection, a Scully ground bolt connected to pin number 9 of the overfill prevention system socket(s) and installed onto the vehicle frame per Scully installation instructions (No. 61081) is needed to satisfy this input. When configured for resistive ground detection, all vehicles must be wired with socket pin number 9 and 10 connected to separate points on the vehicle chassis.
Deadman Input: An intrinsically safe input is provided for an optional deadman switch.
Outputs: Two independent outputs are provided as follows: Main Permissive Output: A Form-A (“normally open”) AC relay output with “monitored redundant contacts.” This output closes when all overfill prevention sensors are dry and functional, a proper ground connection, and/or vehicle identification (optional), and/or deadman (optional) is established. This output is an AC control output and must only be used with AC voltage. This output should be used for product flow shutdown capability and is rated at 250 VAC, 5 amps resistive. Main Form-C, Volt-Free Output Relay: A Form-C (“normally open” and “normally closed”) volt-free redundant relay output contact. These output contacts reverse state (“normally open” closes and “normally closed” opens) when all overfill prevention sensors are dry and functional, and a proper ground connection, and/or deadman (optional), and/or vehicle identification is established. If a volt-free relay output contact is needed, the “normally open” relay output contact may be used for product flow shut down. The “normally closed” relay output contact is intended for any additional non-critical output status reporting functions. This Form-C contact is rated at 250 VAC, 5 amps resistive.
Response Time: 450 milliseconds maximum after wet sensor or fault condition.
Communications Port: The communications port is a half-duplex, RS-485 multi-drop communications port, utilizing Modbus™ RTU (straight binary) communications protocol at 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19200 baud rate; 8 bits; even, odd or no parity.
Shipping Weight: 31 lbs. (14.1 kg.)

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