Duocept® 3 Socket

Truck-mounted overfill prevention system connector

  • Featuring complete loading rack compatibility and pre-wired ease of installation
  • Part of a complete vehicle-mounted overfill prevention and grounding system
  • Offers compatibility* at any terminal—over 90% of all bottom loading terminals in the U.S. use Scully Overfill Prevention Systems

*Consider the style of plug at each loading terminal to ensure a compatible connection

  • Truck/Vehicle-mounted, DuoCept™ connects to the Scully IntelliCheck® or Loading Anywhere® onboard monitor and/or Scully sensors and the loading rack overfill control unit via the terminal plug
  • The new DuoCept™ includes one optic and one thermistor interface in a single, lightweight, easy-to-install weather resistant housing
  • Duocept models can include a factory installed T.I.M.® (Truck Identification Module)
  • Choice of horizontal or vertical models for any overfill system mounting needs

Description Part Number
DuoCept W/B, Five-Wire and Scully Two-Wire Interface Connectors Contact Scully
DuoCept W/B, w/T.I.M. (Truck ID Module) Five-Wire and Two-Wire Connectors Contact Scully

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