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Whether it is for controlling fills, eliminating spills, or both, all Scully systems:
Retail Fuel Oil Delivery, Terminal Equipment, Truck Equipment, and Storage Tank Equipment in one form or another, can and do, service petroleum-based products.


Petroleum Catalogs and Data Sheets

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Product descriptions:
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Specifications / ordering information:
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Click here for "Scul-Speak", a dictionary of prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, system numbers, terms and trademarks used as identifiers for Scully Signal Products.

System Catalogs & Brochures:
      Scully Signal Catalog                         Aviation Fueling Safety Systems Brochure
      Electronic Truck Catalog                     Electronic Rack Catalog
      Electronic Truck Catalog EU               Electronic Rack Catalog EU
      Storage Tank     
                               Electronic Rack Catalog FM VAC 240
      Storage Tank EU  

Description Approvals
60621 SP-BL Two-wire thermistor overfill prevention sensor FM/CSA
60632 SP-PY Portable liquid level sensor FM/CSA
60635 SP-M
Thermistor sensor for storage tank and fixed applications* FM/CSA
60678 SP-FU Five-wire optic overfill prevention sensor FM/CSA
60715 SP-TO Two-wire Instant-On™ optic overfill prevention sensor FM/CSA
67039 WB
Water detector FM/CSA/
67100 SP-FU & SP-TO(SS) Five-wire & Two-wire Stainless Steel Optic level detection and overfill prevention sensor* FM/CSA/
67102 SP-BL
Stainless steel thermistor level detection and overfill prevention sensor* FM/CSA
67296 SP-TO Two-wire Instant-On™ optic overfill prevention sensor CENELEC
67297 SP-FU Five-wire optic overfill prevention sensor CENELEC


SP-BL Two-wire thermistor overfill prevention sensor CENELEC
60674 SJ Truck-mounted overfill prevention system connector FM/CSA
67151 SJ-8B Thermistor sensor socket*  
67153 SJ-OB Five-wire optic sensor socket*  
67155 SJ-80B Two-wire optic sensor socket*  
67211   Scully T.I.M.™ (Truck Identification Module) for connection to the Vehicle Identification Prover® (V.I.P.®) system  
GA67293   Intellicheck®* overfill protection and retained product monitoring system FM/CSA/
60671   The Load-Anywhere® system:
a complete overfill prevention loading rack system
GA67274 IC-O
Intellitrol® intelligent multi-functional overfill prevention control unit FM/CSA
60629 ST-15
Single point overfill prevention controller FM/CSA
67253 ST-35
Multiple point optic sensing overfill prevention controller FM/CSA
60633 ST-15WX Multiple point liquid level detection system* FM/CSA
67036 ST-15LAB Single point liquid level detection system FM/CSA
67081 ST-45 Vapor flow sensing system  
60733 ST-47 Groundhog™ vehicle static grounding system FM/CSA
67037   Ground bolt and ground ball for Scully Groundhog™ FM both options
CSA Ind. option
67206 SC-47CC Ground verification clamp and cable unit  
67221 ST-47C Groundhog™ vehicle earthing system CENELEC
60614   Sculcon® junction box with plug and cable unit  
60614BA   Scul-Gard™ Break-Away Cable  
60666 ST-2-DSWJ Universal Loading Rack Tester  
60794 HHC Hand Held Compatability Tester
(for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of Scully Load-Anywhere® overfill system)
67252 ST-UTT Universal Truck Tester
(tank truck overfill prevention system diagnostics)
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